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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by qstelic, Jan 24, 2022.

  1. qstelic

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    While the more popular games like Skywars are still standing, other games with their smaller, yet so supportive communities aren't.

    My suggestion is to swap a game that'll be available to play from the dead ones (daily, every 3 days, weekly, idk)

    Week 1 - One In The Chamber
    Week 2 - Bow Spleef
    Week 3 - QuakeCraft
    Week 4 - Draw and Guess
    Week 5- TNT Tag

    I think it would be such a considerate thing to do for the people who grinded for so long in their respective games. We were all heart broken to find out the removal of our favourite games. As one of them who had my two main games removed (bow and chamber), I'm really sad and I felt like quitting.

    That's another thing: I'd estimate a 30% of the active, supportive community abandoned this server because of the removal of these games. Broken Lens won't receive the support and funding if more people leave.

    Oh, and one last thing:
    Skate Wonderland was the best bow spleef map and you cannot change my mind.

    - Jai
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    W idea, well since the most of the gamemodes are gonna be gone soon I'm not sure if they will come back but i hope they do, im hoping this suggestion gets added to the server
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